Machine Learning Summer School, Canberra, Australia 2010

Dates: Mon 27 Sept to Wed 6 Oct, 2010

Venue: Australian National University, Canberra

Organized by ANU CECS, NICTA, and PASCAL2.
Co-located with the conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2010 from Wed 6 Oct to Fri 8 Oct, 2010


Machine Learning is a foundational discipline of the Information Sciences. It combines deep theory from areas as diverse as Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Information Technology with many practical and relevant real life applications. The aim of the summer school is to cover the entire spectrum from theory to practice. It is mainly targeted at research students, IT professionals, and academics from all over the world.

This school is suitable for all levels, both for people without previous knowledge in Machine Learning, and those wishing to broaden their expertise in this area. It will allow the participants to get in touch with international experts in this field. Exchange of students, joint publications and joint projects will result because of this collaboration.

For research students, the summer school provides a unique, high-quality, and intensive period of study. It is ideally suited for students currently pursuing, or intending to pursue, research in Machine Learning or related fields. Limited scholarships are available for students to cover accommodation and registration costs. If funds are available partial travel support might also be provided.

IT professionals who use Machine Learning will find that the summer school provides relevant knowledge and exposure to contemporary techniques. In addition, they will benefit by direct interaction with top-notch researchers and knowledge workers. Previous experience indicates that personnel from both the industry as well as national laboratories like CSIRO, DSTO benefit immensely from the school.

For academics, the summer school is an excellent opportunity to help getting started in research on novel topics in Machine Learning. It provides an ideal forum for networking and discussions. Academics will also benefit from interaction with IT professionals which will lead to a deeper understanding of real life problems.


This Summer School is organized by the School of Computer Science of the Australian National University (CS@ANU) and the Statistical Machine Learning program of the National ICT Australia (SML@NICTA), jointly with support from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen and the Pascal Netwok. Please visit for more information about the previous summer schools.

Local organization is handled by Scott Sanner with help from Marcus Hutter and Wray Buntine.

Video Lectures

Selected lectures are now posted on Video Lectures.