Getting to Canberra

General information on Canberra.


International flights typically come into Australia via Sydney or Melbourne; from there, it is a short < 1 hour domestic flight from either city to Canberra. Major domestic carriers serving Canberra are Qantas and Virgin Blue.

Taxi from the Canberra Airport to Canberra City (Accommodation)

The airport to Canberra City is only about 15 mins by car so you can either:


The two major bus services in Australia are Murrays and Greyhound. Be aware when booking that some intercity distances are quite large and that some bus services stop frequently in smaller towns along the way.

If you are coming from Sydney, a very convenient 3.5 hour express service between Sydney (two points: the airport or Central railway station) and Canberra (one point: Jolimont Centre near the Novotel on Northbourne) is provided by the Murrays Sydney-Canberra express buses. If you are flying into Sydney, it is suggested to buy the "fully flexible" fare for your arrival as this will allow you to change your ticket at no additional cost should your flight arrive late.


Directions to the Australian National University.

MLSS at the Australian National University in Canberra

All MLSS lectures except the morning of Oct. 6th will occur in the DNF Dunbar (Physics) Lecture Theatre, Building 39A on the ANU Campus.

You will be required to show your MLSS name badge to enter the lecture theatre. Name badges can be picked up just outside the lecture theatre prior to the morning and afternoon lectures during the first week.

While the Physics lecture theatre is within walking distance of the Novotel (and slightly further, but still walkable from the YHA Hostel), please allow 20-25 minutes walking time. Many reasonably priced lunch venues are located on the ANU campus within 5 minutes of the Physics lecture theatre, some venues are open for dinner as well. However, both Mondays of the MLSS are national holidays in Australia and you will need to return to the city area around the Novotel or YHA for lunch/dinner on those two days.


We should have called it the Machine Learning Spring School as late September, early October is the beginning of springtime in Canberra. Please note that the temperature may fluctuate during this time. The typical average daytime high will be around 17C (62F) and the nighttime low will be around 5C (41F). While Canberra has a relatively dry climate, it is more likely to rain at this time of year than others so bring an umbrella just in case.